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Bonus Track 27-30. November 2014

Beltango Quinteto

Beltango Quinteto

Quinteto Beltango, our renowned tango orchestra, will celebrate first 15 years with Gala Jubilee Spectacle at Great Hall of Dom Sindikata Theatre, Belgrade, in Thursday, 27. November 2014 at 8:00 pm.

Beltango members are famous Serbian musicians and professors: Aleksandar Nikolić – bandoneon, Jovan Bogosavljević – violin, Ivana Nikolić – piano and vocal, Bogdan Pejić – guitar and Ljubinko Lazić – double bass and tamburica.

For many years Beltango has been considered as one of the most famous and most established tango orchestra, which is best evidenced by the numerous concerts and tours in nearly 30 countries worldwide. Only during this year, Beltango performed in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Vietnam, Italy, Croatia, Turkey...

This time, Beltango will be hosting numerous guests on stage from Serbia and abroad.

Authentic magic of tango dance will be presented by Mariano Otero i Alejandra Heredia, an extravagant dance couple that comes directly from Buenos Aires.

Tango teachers from the most famous Belgrade tango schools will also present their dance accompained with Beltango’s music.

Music guests at this event are Marko Coghlan, tango singer from Buenos Aires with Serbian origin, string quartet Bassiona Serbica, Srem tamburica orchestra and the Youth Orchestra Tango Juventud, young hopes of our local tango scene.

The special feature of this magnificent Jubilee will be the presence of Bisera Veletanlić – famous Serbian jazz singer and Ljubiša Pavković - accordion virtuoso and head of the RTS National Orchestra, who will together with Beltango give a new dimension to tango music.

Belgrade audience will have the opportunity to enjoy in more than two hours of music and dance spectacle that will summarize the entire wealth of almoust three centuries long tango history.

Beltango will also perform some of their autors compositions for the first time from the new CD „Theatre of Soul“.

It is important to mention that Beltango has been the host of International Belgrade Tango Festival in the last 10 years. Gala concert in Dom Sindikata Theatre presents the continuation of this beautiful tradition as a bonus track - Belgrade Tango Festival, so that belgrade audience would not be deprived of the ultimate stage tango experience.

Apart from the Gala cocncert, tango will be performing and dancing in next two days at the Centre of Fine Arts Guarnerius.

This unique event will be organized with help of the Serbian Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

Mariano y Alejandra

Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heledia

Bisera Veletanlic

Bisera Veletanlic

Ljubisa Pavkovic

Ljubisa Pavkovic

Marko Coghlan

Marko Coglhan

Petar Maric

Petar Marić


Andrej Sonja

Darko Sonja

Dragan Jelena

Misa Dijana

Dusan Kristina

Srem tamburica orchestra

Tango Juventud

Tango Juventud

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