Belgrade Tango Association proudly presents:


10 Year anniversary - Última edición !!!?
November 1st – 3rd, 2013

2013 marks the ten-year anniversary of this dynamic, constantly challenging, multi-disciplinary tango festival,
which identifies connections between movement, music, performance , embrace and social life.
To celebrate this impressive and very special milestone this year we are very excited to announce the participation of influential, era-defining artists: teachers, musicians and DJ’s who have contributed to the development of the Tango culture. 

This year, we also want to extend a warm welcome to many enthusiasts who kept the festival alive for years.

Mark your calendars and join us for 3 unforgettable days of tango celebration and magic:

Tango spectacle
12 workshops
3 gran milongas
2 daily milongas

held in famous and elegant concert halls and traditional milonga venues which stand
as symbols of the development of tango culture in Belgrade for a decade -
Map & Locations.

We are inviting all friends of the festival, both in our country and abroad to join us for this exceptional tango event in Belgrade.

Festival registration will be open from September 1st

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